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K Bharani Nath

K Bharani Nath

Director, Aishan

He is known to everyone as Karthik, which happens to be his pet name. He started his career in the software industry. Working in C language, he created quite a few animations, though it was more of a hobby. After being in the software field for a nearly two years, he moved to a totally different industry, Medical Transcription. In the mid of 2000, he joined as a trainee in a company called TransDyne IT Services, which at that time employed around 50 employees. His growth in TransDyne was rapid and by the end of 2004, he was handling a team of about 100. When he quit in April 2006, TransDyne was employing about 1000. Moving from TransDyne to Aishan Technologies was not easy. From a Production portfolio in a company, selling transcription services to a Sales portfolio in a Telecom-oriented company was a major shift. He currently heads the Security Solutions Group in Aishan.