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Cybersecurity for OT & IOT Environments

Ransomware and malware continue to wreak havoc across all industries. This is due to an exploitable networking vulnerability that stems from the perimeter centric security model: devices on a shared VLAN have a complete view and communication path to all other devices. Furthermore, static security policies implemented over next generation firewalls (NGFW) are ineffective in restricting network level access to business applications.

These vulnerabilities lead to IT teams unwittingly building expressways for ransomware, which are effectively used by bad actors to expand the attack. Zero Trust Isolation addresses these critical security challenges, offering an optimal defense against cyber threat propagation.

Airgap works under the assumption that every device is breached or will soon be breached. This zerotrust enforcement model contains the spread of ransomware and malware to a single device.  Infected devices are ring-fenced so that threats cannot be propagated beyond isolated devices. Without Zero Trust Isolation, the breached laptop in the middle of Figure 1 would infect the other devices on the shared VLAN.

Agentless Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Zero Trust for the LAN

• Protects IT, OT and IOT environment.
• Allows phased migration with no APIs or design changes
• Offers total visibility into all lateral communication
• Restricts the “blast radius” of ransomware attacks