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Emergency Intercoms

During an Emergency, “Clear & Instant Communication” is a MUST “Critical communication over IP - CCoIP” is the Latest technology, an IP based solution from Zenitel, the world leader in IP Intercoms and Critical communications. These solutions are at the intersections of critical communication on the one hand, security and safety on the other. The most basic, yet profound, need for any organization is clear communication. Zenitel has a strong presence in onshore secure communications market through its global brand, Vingtor-Stentofon. Vingtor-Stentofon provides integrated security communications for environments where life, property and assets are at stake.Our systems interface with other security devices including CCTV, access control and alarm for a comprehensive security solution.


Emergency Intercoms for AIRPORTS

Airport Communication

VINGTOR-STENTOFON communication systems have helped to secure airports throughout the world for many years. Keep passengers informed and ensure airport operations run smoothly. Security, safety, and service all depend on good information flow. With our solutions, you can keep passengers informed with Public Address, while personnel on duty connected with radio communication can maintain the required security level. As large infrastructural junctions, airports are frequented by thousands of passengers and an enormous number of service and security personnel every day. Complex processes, precisely coordinated schedules and vastly varying workspaces make effective communication imperative.

Due to the exceptionally high level of security, permanent availability of communication must also be ensured. These requirements are met by Vingtor-Stentofon audio solutions. Zenitel’s offering with Public Address for announcements and voice evacuation, special purpose intercom stations and radio integration - covers the whole specter of communication requirements and offers a wide range of integration opportunities to other vital security systems at the airport. We ensure quick communication between crucial areas, crystal clear audio even in rough and loud environments such as baggage handling, emergency call in lifts and in toilets for the disabled or tower emergency calls. In critical events, the right person is reached instantly at the touch of a button. We allow the passengers to hear and be heard in virtually any environment at the airport.


Emergency Intercoms for TRANSPORT

Road and Rail

STENTOFON for the small railway station or complete security management integration covering a large geographical area. Zenitel offers Vingtor-Stentofon integrated audio communication solutions across all rail segments such as Rolling Stock, Main Hall, Platform, Tracks & Control Center.

Full compliance with open standard protocols such as SIP and SNMP enables effortless integration of our audio solutions with other subsystems such as PIS, Intercom, CCTV, GSM-R, etc.With our communication solutions, you have the technology that lets your staff respond quickly and efficiently to incidents in real-time, thereby helping to elevate the security of staff and infrastructure at all times.


Emergency Intercoms for Harbour, Ports & Waterways

Zenitel’s offering of Public Address, Intercom and Radio integration covers more or less all the means of communication you will need in the harbor, port & waterway environment. Utilizing our Vingtor-Stentofon products and solutions, you have critical communication with crystal clear audio in all areas from control rooms to external operations. We offer special purpose intercom stations for hazardous, noisy and dusty areas, as well as a full-fletched native IP public address system for important announcements and voice evacuation purposes. Today, major ports are like huge logistic centers with wide and complex infrastructures and a variety of important tasks like docking, loading, unloading, stacking, reclaiming and the handling of any type of cargo a ship or barge might bring. From grain to steel to refinery parts to locomotives to wind turbines and blades. It is very similar to a huge industrial area where the requirement for critical communication equipment is crucial in the day to day operation. Dealing with hazardous goods and areas with a simultaneous focus on health, environment and safety is focus for everyone involved in the day to day operation of a port.

Zenitel’s offering with Public Address, Intercom and Radio integration is covering more or less all the means of communication a port will need. Utilizing our Vingtor-Stentofon products and solutions, the need for critical communication with crystal clear audio in all areas from control centers to dockside is covered. We offer special purpose intercom stations for hazardous, noisy and dusty areas as well as a full fletched native IP public address system for important announcements and voice evacuation purposes. Our critical communication systems are designed to support safety & security through high availability systems in all the demanding areas at the port. Upon detection of an incident, our Vingtor-Stentofon solutions will generate alarms, initiate pre-recorded messages and notify emergency response people. It is also possible to open two-way communication and talkback functionality by using our intercom edge devices to communicate back to the control center that initiated the evacuation messages, alarms and other important security messages at the port area. Our systems ensure that you are hearing and being heard in moment of distress and crisis, which is what a critical communication solution is all about at the portside.


Emergency Intercoms for Education


When a critical situation arises in our schools, colleges or universities, immediate action is required. This imposes a special responsibility for staff to act before the emergency services arrive. Effective critical communication solutions have become paramount in these situations to provide guidance and safety for students and colleagues at school and college campuses. Having an up-to-date communication system can significantly reduce the damage and mean the difference between life and death.

In today’s world, there is no question that there must be a combination of technology and trained personnel to make our educational facilities a better and more secure place for staff and students. Educators and administrators must be well versed with proper security procedures and know their roles during a security breach or attack. Security technology is a crucial element when used effectively with proper staff training. Installing systems such as CCTV, intercoms, and access control allow security personnel to see and hear what’s happening, control access and provide a safer environment for everyone.


Emergency Intercoms for PRISONS

We provide a scalable communication platform suited to the exact requirements of any type of detention project, whether it is a psychiatric ward, a county jail or a large prison facility. By adding high quality, integrated voice and audio, the guards will work more efficiently using less man-hours to provide the level of security detainees and visitors depend on.


Emergency Intercoms for Smart City

We provide tailor-made solutions suited to the exact requirements of any type of public safety project, whether it is a city park, open public areas or a sports arena. Using high-quality voice and audio integration, the city protection services can cover wider areas and use their security force more efficiently. By introducing durable and rugged communication points, an additional level of security and comfort to the public is ensured.


Emergency Intercoms for Healthcare

The local hospital, a large laboratory complex or a retirement home; all these facilities require a reliable communication platform to provide the best service to their residents and let the employees work as efficiently as possible. We provide integrated IP Audio solutions that work across different platforms so you can save valuable time during an emergency.

Cleanroom Intercom Solutions for Bio&Pharma: The IP Operating Room (OR) Master Station is an advanced intercom station intended for use in operating theatres and clean rooms. The station front plate is totally flat and without any holes to minimize bacteriaaccumulation. The station has an excellent audio quality. With a large backlit display and Vingtor-Stentofon audio technology the station allows users to read caller ID, listen and talk at a distance. The IP station supports open standards and is compatible with AlphaCom, Pulse and iPBXs using SIP technology. When working in AlphaCom mode, the IP station supports special services only available using the Vingtor-Stentofon CCoIP protocol, AlphaCom server. Examples of services are emergency broadcast with volume override, CCTV integration, call priority, and AlphaNet multisite networking and event scripting. Like all Vingtor-Stentofon stations, this IP OR station features superb audio quality. This is enabled through a set of advanced technologies such as active noise filtering, acoustic echo cancellation, wide band audio codec,and high power audio outputs.

The IP station has an integrated managed data switch providing advanced networking and security features.
The integrated switch provides support for:

  • Protection from unwanted access
  • Quality of Service (QoS) by managing data traffic
  • Increased system availability through redundant LAN infrastructure
  • Cost efficient installation by providing shared network connections
To provide maximum availability the station comes with advanced supervision functions. The station line test will detect if there is any faults in the network or station electronics. In addition the station support tone.


Emergency Intercoms for Parking

Parking Communication

With stations for barrier entry/exit and Help Points, assistance and security is provided in car parks. From multi-level parking garages or facilities, to fully automated car lots, the ability to provide high level security in these environments is paramount. A large percentage of problems and liabilities usually occur in parking areas; yet, unlawful activities and emergency situations can be difficult to monitor and control. Whatever situation might arise, people need access to immediate assistance and the ability to clearly communicate. Our parking solutions greatly enhance security - with a simple push of an intercom button, users can establish direct communication with security personnel.