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IT Operations Solutions​

Services are key and critical in maintaining and managing the cybersecurity posture since the cyber threats and risks are growing rapidly. Timely action is a must and leads to reduction of loss and uptimes.

Infrastructure Intelligence Platform ​

It is important for large enterprises who operate large data centres, server farms, and corporate networks having thousands of connected devices from multiple vendors, to manage their IT Infrastructure (PCs, workstations, file servers, printers, routers, hubs, firewalls, etc.) for minimum downtime. Today’s network are much more complex and dynamic when compared to olden days.

​Key Features

  • Network Monitoring​
  • Database Monitoring​
  • Server Monitoring​
  • Virtual Machines Monitoring​
  • URL Monitoring​
  • Web-Server Monitoring​
  • Application Server Monitoring​
  • Middleware Monitoring​
  • Email Monitoring​
  • Platform Monitoring​
  • Cloud Monitoring