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Meet Our Team

The Team

B S Raveesh

Managing Director, Aishan

Mr. Raveesh BS has been in the field of telecommunication since 1991. He has worked for nearly a decade in Siemens, both in Bangalore and then as a Regional Head for Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, he built a team that went ahead to become the most successful team in Siemens with the first managed services orders from HSBC and APTS. He was instrumental in building a highly profitable business in AP with Corporate and Channel Go2 market strategy. Prior to this, he was a key member responsible to build Siemens as a strong EPABX brand in South India through Channels. He moved to Reliance, Bharti Enterprise and then to e4e tech support as their National Sales head for Managed Services. His strength has been to build teams & business from startup to making it a profitable business. 

K Bharani Nath

Director, Aishan

He is known to everyone as Karthik, which happens to be his pet name. He started his career in the software industry. Working in C language, he created quite a few animations, though it was more of a hobby. After being in the software field for a nearly two years, he moved to a totally different industry, Medical Transcription. In the mid of 2000, he joined as a trainee in a company called TransDyne IT Services, which at that time employed around 50 employees. His growth in TransDyne was rapid and by the end of 2004, he was handling a team of about 100. When he quit in April 2006, TransDyne was employing about 1000. Moving from TransDyne to Aishan Technologies was not easy. From a Production portfolio in a company, selling transcription services to a Sales portfolio in a Telecom-oriented company was a major shift. He currently heads the Security Solutions Group in Aishan.