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Infrastructure Communication & Security solutions for Success

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Choice of right products, technologies, solution & service vendor determines how well your organisation is prepared for winning in this dynamic global markets.

“Be it a New Project or an Expansion”, Our experience & deep subject knowledge, enables your organisation for winning in the global scene.

New Project or Expansion

Every new project has specific needs in terms of “Solution & Time” to deploy & world-class services to ensure smooth operations.

• We align our team to understand this & deploy solutions which address their integration complexities and needs.
  With this our top priorities is to deliver Information, Communication & Automation solutions to our customers.
• We intend to best achieve these goals by streamlining our organization, simplifying our solutions & services, and focus to deliver flexible and powerful solutions that would address our customer’s business needs.

For any “New Project or Expansion” we offer the below solutions :

–Voice: IPPBX, Call Centers & Unified Communication
–Data: LAN / WAN, Wifi
–Video conference, Boardroom solutions
–Data Security – Firewall/UTM - Gateway, Server, Cloud, Mobile, End point
–Physical Security: Biometric, Access control, CCTV & Fire solutions
–Emergency Communication & IP PA solutions
–Power: UPS solutions

New Project or Expansion


Voice is the most used communication solution to share information & to connect with other colleagues, vendors, partners and customers. Each organisation needs are different and require different technologies to ensure reliable and convenient voice communication. Be it a stand alone PBX or a Call Center, we offer Customised solutions which is best suited for you. Be it IP based SIP or TDM based PRIs, solutions cater to various segments like: IT, ITES, Manufacturing, Schools & Colleges, Hotels and Hospitals, Retail & Services.


Data networks is a key nervous system for any organisation. Be it SMB or a Corporate, this nervous system has to be stable & provide necessary bandwidth for communication between all stake holders. Design of this is key for a stable & important for future application technologies to be deployed on the network. Designing with wired or wireless or a combination of both is important to the way business is conducted keeping in mind the data security as a priority. We help our customers with superior design and offer both LAN and WAN services.


Video is the next big way of communication and is bringing people &places closer. The need for an impromptu meeting, an urgent meeting makes life difficult for executives. Video Conference helps in solving this and brings people to share information. Video conference can be deployed for SMBs as well as Corporates. Be it a single meeting room to a large conference room and to an individual based conference, Aishan will help customers chose their right solution. Cloud based Video conference brings down the huge investments required for central servers. New technologies have enable VC to be conducted on the smart phone too.


New Project or Expansion

Emergency Intercom:

In an emergency it is critical to talk to people who are in the midst of an incident as well as to people who can save them. Emergency PA system offer the most reliable way to communicate irrespective of noise levels. These even work in harsh environments and are water proof, fire proof and vandal proof. Time is the key parameter is an emergency and a single button operation to connect to the control room is a must. Be it Corporate buildings, Government buildings, Shopping mall, Manufacturing industry, Airports, Metros, Prisons, amusement parks or any place oflarge gathering of people Emergency PA becomes the lifeline of communication and safety. Aishan offers a unique solution which leverages the IP technologies and also integrates it with various other security & communication systems like CCTV, Fire alarm, EPABX and Access control.

CCTV & IP Surveillance:

Every organisation needs to monitor and safe guard their People & Assets. CCTV helps in monitoring the movement of people and assets. It also acts as a deterrent. However, CCTV is a passive device, in the sense that it can only be viewed after the incident has occurred. Aishan offers both Analog & IP technologies. But the most important aspect in this is the design of the solution and the choice of the brand for cameras. Based on the need and the type of organisation, we help our customer with the right choice.

Access Control & Bio Metric Solutions:

Monitoring employees and their movement within the office is a need. The time they come in to the time they leave is required for the HR for salary and attendance. Many need it as a time sheet. There are many restricted places in an organisation and only few are allowed and this also needs to be monitored. Aishan offers a full range of solution for a single door to mutli door solution both on Card, Biometric& Smartcard solutions. The need can become complex if there are multiple offices and need a centralized monitoring system as the HR is based in a single office. Solutions are designed looking to the need and the complexity.

Fire Detection & Suppression:

Accidents can happen anywhere irrespective of the preparedness of the site. In such situations, quicker the response, lesser the damage. It is important to ensure quick evacuation of people at the site. Hence integration of Fire alarm with various other communication systems like EPABX, Access control is very important. Aishan offers solutions not only for Fire detection but is well equipped to integrate with other solutions.