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SACE – Sophos Aishan Centre of Excellence

Many customers have invested and deployed Sophos technologies & solutions like Firewalls, Endpoints, Email, Cloud, Server security and many other solutions. 

However most customers find it difficult to manage these solutions due to lack of certified and knowledgeable IT resources. But this is very imminent to reduce the Cybersecurity threats & attacks. This could include even a basic, but proper configuration going all the way to manage it 24/7.

Aishan Technologies has deployed a highly skilled & Sophos certified technical services team with L1 and L2 engineers to provide customer services for customers who have implemented Sophos technologies and solutions.

Our Sophos Service team offers customized, effective & deliver high quality services remotely.

Through our “SACE” we deliver L1/L2 remote management services for all Sophos solutions like Firewall, Endpoints, Email, Cloud security, etc, to help customers to manage and ensure uptimes for Sophos Solutions which include:

1.  Administration

2. Change & Configuration Management

3. Fault Management

4. Performance monitoring and management,

5. Patch management,

6. Operation Support

7. Reports

Aishan Technologies is a top Award-winning Gold Partner of Sophos in India with customers across India.

We have been Sophos partner for 10+ years and have a vast experience & expertise to provide the right solution and services on Sophos technologies.